App Persona


Given the basic outline for an app's capabilities and user journeys, design a template to display the persona information and user journeys. Then flesh out the persona information, define the user journeys and use the Ellis Scott wireframe toolkit to build the wireframes for the app.

Shield Marker is a watermarking app for mobile phones, intended to speed up the process of adding branding/watermarking to pictures taken with the phone. Allows for quick image sharing on social media and the ability to create watermarks and apply them to single photos or batches of photos.

NOTE: The wireframes were created using a toolkit of illustrations/graphics and general layout direction provided by Ellis Scott. Some content was created by Jess Brown for the user journeys, but the majority of the text was provided by Ellis Scott. The layout of the User Journeys was designed by Jess Brown using the content provided. All the text and layout for the persona sheet was created by Jess Brown. Photo from Unsplash.

  • Persona Layout Template
  • Persona for Shield Marker app
  • User Journeys Layout Template
  • User Journeys for Shield Marker app
  • Wireframes for Shield Marker app
App User Journey
App User Journey
App Wireframes