Low-hanging fruit.


The renewal emails needed an update to align with the SUSE brand and had some experience issues for SUSE's current customers. Customers had noted that the activation key was difficult to find on the old template.


Fresh email template design and HTML that is on-brand. Resolved major points of concern for users by better typography and layout of information; clear hierarchy; and a Litmus-tested email template ready for implementation.


SUSE provides a renowned open source Enterprise Linux Server OS. SUSE is a client of EKR and Jess Brown was given this project for both design and development of the email template using SUSE's brand guide, assets, and other email templates.

  • Layout
  • HTML Email Template
SUSE Email Desktop

Email experience.

After several meetings with the SUSE Shop Manager, we came up with the layout goals and better wording for sections of the email content.

Jess Brown first created the mockup in Sketch, then after approval created the HTML template and tested it in Litmus. Once this was complete, the SUSE Shop Manager was able to hand off the template to the 3rd Party email delivery system for implementation.

SUSE Email