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Building a new brand.


Beneco had recently had a brand identity revamp by another agency and needed to put it all into action. A main site, several state-specific one-page sites, email campaign templates, all en-queue for production/implementation.


On-brand WordPress site that was ready for them to customize; 5 simple one-page websites for location-based marketing. Email templates plugged into MailChimp with video training created for their Marketing Automation team.


Beneco provides public works benefits, compliance services, and HR solutions. This project was a production/development project through Rustler and Co. who provided the design and brand strategy.

  • WordPress site
  • Local sites (plain HTML/CSS)
  • YouTube video upload
  • Social media account/page set up
  • Graphic design production work
  • HTML email templates
Beneco Local Site: California
Beneco emails
Beneco Resources Page

Getting social.

Digital marketing has such a spread of venues from the website to email to social media, and getting everything set up quickly is important. Using a Photoshop action developed by RevampDesign, we were able to produce all of the social media profile artwork in a fast and effective way.

Beneco Twitter Header Beneco Twitter Profile