Breaking the norm.


Given the assets/design provided by another agency, develop the HTML email so that recipiants can have a good experience regardless of image settings. The design is a one-off for a specific campaign.


New HTML email that renders consistently across email clients and has good fallback design in case images are turned off/not allowed.


SUSE provides a renowned open source Enterprise Linux Server OS. SUSE is a client of EKR and Jess Brown was given this project for development of the email using the design and assets provided by SUSE.

  • HTML Email Production
Email in context: laptop


A special campaign in Italian was organized for a product-promotion email. The design provided was different and fun, so it needed to work properly and consitently in various email clients, to ensure its successful communication.

This project utilized alt-text styling and careful construction of HTML tables to help readers view the email well, even if their image settings were set to "not-allowed." This campaign did not need to be optimized for a modified, mobile-responsive layout.

Email with Images

Email without Images