What if I could show you how to double the success of your emails?

Your emails aren’t getting you the ROI you expected—you’re getting below-average sales or leads. Your emails may not even be opened by your subscribers.

Why is it that seemingly every other business is praising their email list and sharing how well they’re doing because of it, when the emails you send don’t seem to impact your business at all?

Here’s the dream:
Your emails drive sales and capture solid leads. It’s one of your best marketing activities in terms of ROI.

What if you could ask an expert to take a look at your email and get actionable feedback? You just need some quick advice that’s specific to your email—not the generalized or watered-down tips that people share through memes or “inspiring” quotes on LinkedIn.

You’ve seen some of the critique videos I’ve done for random emails I get in my inbox. Now you can get those email-specific tips and critiques for your email campaign. This is your chance to improve your emails by talking with someone who does this all day.

Send me the email you want to critique and I’ll send you a video including the email’s score (based on RevampDesign’s 5 Pillars of Email Design) and points for improvement.

There are two options for pricing this consultation:

1. Public Critique Video—You get the advice and the critique on video for only $100. The video will also be publicly available, whether in whole or in parts, shared on the RevampDesign websites and social media venues (including personal accounts, YouTube, etc.).

2. Private Critique Video—$300. Get a critique and points for improvement, but this option allows you to retain the video for your own use and RevampDesign won’t share the video.

Pricing Options



  • Get advice and a critique of your email
  • Up to 30 minutes edited video of critique session
  • One email or one set of emails (if related)
  • Video will be delivered to you to use at your discretion
  • Your email and your critique will not be shared by RevampDesign in any way

Get started by scheduling a discovery call:

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When you couple Jessica’s technical talent with her design background and marketing experience, you have a powerhouse of talent that will be the right thing for your user’s experience.

—Taylor Farnsworth Micro Focus

Her attention to detail is incredible...she is quick to identify relevant action items, resources, and issues that were previously unknown.

—Jordan Gunther SUSE

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t have an existing email ready to review
  • Your click through rate is 25% or higher—you're a boss!

About Jess Brown

As the founder of RevampDesign, Jess is passionate about design and how it affects businesses. She's constantly learning and brings that ever-growing knowledge to every project.

While working at an agency, Jess was solely responsible for producing and testing email templates for a client's monthly newsletter. The newsletter was sent to over 95,000 global subscribers and needed to be translated into as many as 10 languages. She carefully constructed the emails to match the designs, but also optimized each template for various email clients, handled any needed tweaks for the localized versions, and assisted the Marketing Automation Specialist with template changes or UX improvements.

Jess also helped produce hundreds of day-to-day emails for SUSE, implementing fixes when issues were discovered during testing. She made suggestions for improving the base templates that stakeholders were using to make production faster and render more consistently across email clients.

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