Estimates say email ROI can be as high as 4400%.1

How do your email campaigns stack up?



Team Time Costs

Campaign ROI

Why ROI?

Obviously, you want your emails to be a profitable investment for your company, but keeping track of your campaign ROI can be beneficial over time to identify trends. Keep an eye out for seasonal peaks of improved ROI. Do certain campaigns have significantly distinct results? Do certain products bring in a higher revenue? Are you spending too much time or other resources on campaigns that aren't as profitable as others? Are there peaks with certain segmented lists of subscribers?

Looking at your ROI over time can help you make informed decisions about which campaigns need improvement, and which ones are more self-sufficient.

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What's the formula to calculate ROI?

The basic formula is as simple as: ((revenue - expenses) / expenses) * 100 = ROI%

Using the Itemized Calculator, we break down the revenue and expenses by the most common factors. The items are grouped in Gains, Expenses, and Team Time Costs. Gains are calculated by multiplying the value of one of your leads with the number of conversions you saw from the email campaign for which you are calculating ROI.

The Expenses group is for any fixed-priced costs or fees that are associated with the email campaign. This could include any fees associated with your email service provider, consultant fees, and any other fixed-price expenses.

Some teams are able to calculate the cost of time for each email campaign. This last group is for any billable time or hourly rate calculation. If there are multiple team members, add up their time and hourly rates and input the totals into the fields.

1According to Campaign Monitor's 2016 Annual Report

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