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Jess Brown

Solving problems creatively is my fuel for life. I love to look at things and ask, “Is this working?” and follow it up with, “How can we make it better?”

Starting out in Graphic Design during my studies at Utah State University, I realized that the design process could be the framework for resolving human problems—whether that’s for business or personal life. I use design in everything I do from building positive experiences with brands to spreading messages of hope and reality of life challenges on YouTube.

Having been raised by entrepreneurs, I’ve had to learn a lot to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. That background led me to learn web development, which I have used to round off my design skills and gives me insight into the entire process of digital products and marketing from start to finish.

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Although RevampDesign is a one-person shop, there are plenty of team members to go around—they're just not human.

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Specialty: QA on the Web

We take QA very seriously here, and Jack leads the way in assisting the work that is done at RevampDesign to make sure everything is bug-free and precise. He checks for broken links, missing meta data, images needing optimization for web, mobile responsiveness, and takes on custom functionality checks as needed.


Specialty: Design and Content QA

Desi loves to help out with design and content. She can format messy content in seconds, check for typographic details, detect words and phrases that don't follow brand conventions, and helps out with getting content web-ready.


Specialty: Social Media

Fi loves to help businesses give their customers exactly what they want: instantly available information. She develops chat bots for your Facebook page and schedules posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.