Strategy Consultation, Full Design and Development

Need to start or Revamp your email marketing strategy? Schedule a call with Jess and we'll nail down your business goals and how email can help move the needle.

Price depends on your needs, so set up a call to see if this is a good fit.

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Custom Signatures

Use that precious real estate at the end of your emails to reinforce your brand and add meaningful calls-to-action.

Custom design and code will start off with a quick consultation call to see what you're looking to achieve with your signature. After which, I'll put together a design for your business's signature and send the coded version upon approval.

If you already have the signature design, send me the PSD or assets and I'll get it coded up for you.


Custom Design and Code
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QA Automation Consultation

Mistakes in email are costly and embarassing...Preempt these with solid pre-send QA checks. With the aid of bots designed to catch broken links/images and other common mistakes, you can feel more secure clicking that "Send Campaign" button.

We'll consult about the technologies you can utilize in your unique situation or create custom QA bots. Price depends on your needs, so set up a call to see if this is a good fit.

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Email Critique

What if I could show you how to double the click-through rate of one of your emails? Get professional advice on the UX and design of your email and a recording of the critique for future use.

This is discounted if you allow RevampDesign to publicly use your critique video for marketing/other purposes. More detail about the email critique option ›


Private Critique Video
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ROI Calculator

Quickly audit your last email campaign to see what kind of ROI you're getting from it. Some companies report ROI as high as 4400%! How do your emails stack up?


Crunch Some Numbers