Newsletter know-how.


Send out monthly newsletter emails to over 95,000 global subscribers. Testing for compatability on multiple email clients including mobile email clients. Emails must be flexible enough for localization into multiple languages.


New responsive email template, fully tested in Litmus. Monthly email was produced, tested, and translated in 8–10 languages (depending on the month/needs).


SUSE provides a renowned open source Enterprise Linux Server OS. SUSE is a client of EKR and Jess Brown was given this project for development and production of the email template using provided design assets and content.

  • Responsive HTML Email Template
  • HTML Email Production
SUSE Email Mobile

Seamless email experience.

The original SUSE News template was not mobile responsive. Jess Brown was able to create a new template that could adjust the layout based on the mobile device's screen dimensions—and work in the various email clients.

SUSE Email